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The Year of the Rabbit

It's February 1st, and it's officially the one-year anniversary of this super casual newsletter. I've so enjoyed sending this out each month to keep you updated on my work and personal life, and I'm slowly finding my way with this. Getting comfortable chatting with you and of course, staying consistent (ahem - this could use some work). But here we are officially in the year of the Rabbit! I don't usually get super into the Lunar New year, but after attending a Lunar New Year party I read up on this year's fluffy animal, the rabbit. She's meant to bring all of the calm, slow, and gentle vibes & remind you to self-reflect, rest, and work smarter, not harder. The moment January 1st hit, I was immediately in calm/cozy mode, so reading up on the rabbit was like someone telling me it was okay to be in a restful mindset. I've been reassessing a lot of work aspects and trying to pair down and not overdo it - if that doesn't scream year of the rabbit I don't know what does!

The rabbit was lingering in my mind so much that I ended up doodling one (you may have seen this on social media), and I made sure she had the coziest and calmest of vibes. And as a fun surprise, I decided to turn her into a little cut-out activity so she can hang out on your desk at work or your home just to remind you to take it slow and don't overdo it. Scroll through to see her coming together and download the activity.

It's always so fun to see the progression from sketch to finished piece after the fact. So, after I painted these I scanned them into my computer, did a little editing, and then sent it to my iPad to create the "activity sheet" of course I had to follow along myself so you can see the finished project.

Below is the Year of the Rabbit Activity Sheet to print at home on letter sized card stock, and the link to download this fun lil' babe :)

Hope you enjoy it!


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