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A Behind-The-Scenes November Pie Painting

Happy November my Beautiful Butterflies! The air is V cozy out and I just cannot explain how much I want to bake around this time of year. Is it because of the Great British Baking Show and all of the subsequent holiday treats.... most likely. But alas, I have embraced it and have been oohing and aaahing at a few recipes to make. To get us all in the seasonal cozy swing of things, I decided to paint a pie and share the subsequent making of this painting. I'm also including a pie recipe I've been admiring to go with said pie painting at the bottom of the post (along with a little freebie).

Okay let's get into it...

I decided I wanted my little characters making a massive apple pie and I wanted them all to be wearing super cozy attire. After penciling in the design, which took a little bit of fiddling with, I started painting in some of the colors and blocking out the apples.

I quickly realized that the colors were reading quite warm and I was loooving how it looked, so I made sure all subsequent color choices matched that vibe.

It was time to start filling in the pie.

I have to tell you, these apples were so fun to make.

Now that all of the colors were blocked in, it was time to add the finishing touches and faces of my little bakers.

After I wrapped up the bakers' scene I wanted to make some ancillary objects to edit into the painting in Photoshop. So I started painting apples along with baking tools.

After it was all said and done I wound up with two cute lil' paintings.

After scanning both pieces in I rearranged the ancillary items in Photoshop over top of the bakers' scene to make a cute little print. And because I couldn't resist I also made a little Thanksgiving layout that will fit perfectly as your phone wallpaper. I included a link to download the wallpaper number below.

And in keeping with the Pie theme, I wanted to share this delightful recipe for mini apple pies here to get you in the cozy vibes for the rest of November.

I'm currently expecting a little babe on December 4th, so you may see me in your inbox in December...or you may not. If you don't, enjoy the rest of your year and all of the coziness the holidays bring. I plan to take the rest of the year off once my little one gets here and I will pop back into your mailbox sometime next year.

Cheers and talk soon, Rachel


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