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Latest Creation: a baby

Hello, my Beautiful Butterflies, and Happy March to you all!! The last time I was in your inbox Thanksgiving was on the horizon, and I had a belly full of holiday treats and a baby! Well, on November 29th in the wee hours of the morning, I popped that little babe out of the oven and into this crazy world. It's been 3ish months since she was born and my hubby and I have taken a lot of time off work, away from social media, and really just away from outside life in general to stay present in the early months of life for our little one. We named her Leonora after Ricky's grandmother. The name means "compassion" and "light" and it's everything we hope for our baby girl as she joins the land we call Mother Earth.

I can't fully describe what it feels like to be a mom, as I'm still processing it myself and I'm so curious going forward how it will change my work (if at all). I've started to dive into a few pieces here and there for clients but not much for myself yet, so the jury is still out on how my style and interests will evolve with a little on my brain all the time.

I am officially back to work full-time now. I started poking my head into work part-time a month ago, but now Leonora is in daycare, and Ricky and I both are navigating a new normal of work and parenting. For this month's post, I decided to make a little drawing of sweet Leonora and the meaning of her name.

I quickly put together a simple line drawing of her. I envisioned her opening a cardboard box sharing both compassion and light with the world like she had an abundance of leftovers or like she was tossing confetti around. I kept the drawing simple because let's face it my time is limited.

Next, I wanted to bring in some color - I put together this warm color palette of blues and clay colors.

Now it was time to draw over the sketch with these new colors. Again, I wanted to keep it simple, so I kept most of the elements as outlines instead of filling them in....I was going for "Where the Sidewalk Ends" kind of vibes.

But alas, sitting there, I wanted a little extra pizzazz, so I added a background color and some white behind the lettering to give it another layer. I'm so pleased with the whimsical results.

I hope our little Leonora loves it so much, and as a treat here's a pic of me and Leonora (she's getting so big!!)

Until next time,



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