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A Peek into My Personal Life: I Went on an Adventure

Hello, my Beautiful Butterflies!

April is officially over, and we're finding ourselves inching closer to summer. I spent the first two weeks of April (and my birthday) off on an adventure in South America where Autumn was in full swing. It was such a unique and beautiful trip and definitely a check off the bucket list. Because I'm mainly in catch up mode for work, I thought I would share a few pics of my trip with you for this post.

We traveled to Chile and Argentina, specifically the Patagonia Region, and went hiking on the W-Trail in Torres Del Paine National Park and again in El Chalten to see the infamous mountain range that the Patagonia Apparel Logo is based on. I find travel and hiking to really be a refresh for me and also a huge source of inspiration. Wanderlust, Adventure, and Nature play a large role in my work so it's always magical being immersed in that world in real life. This trip truly was magnificent, but it was also challenging from an endurance perspective. We spent 5 days hiking 50 miles with all of our stuff in our backpacks (25 lbs to be exact for me and closer to 30 lbs for Ricky). And then we drove to the El Chalten hike, a few days later, to hike 13 miles for the infamous Fitz Roy mountain range. We were a little rough for the wear by the end, but it was very much worth it.

Pictured above is the view of our last day on the W-Trail. We woke up at 4 am to hike to this viewpoint to watch the sunrise. It was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip.

A little cluster of some of the animals we saw along our trip. 2 Penguins (which was such a treat because most had gone back out to the water), horses galore, and guanacos which are kind of like llamas that roam the land like deer in the US.

One of my favorite pics and spots on the trip. We were fully immersed in the beautiful fall foliage and experienced (on top of that rock) a 360-degree view of Autumn colors and mountains. Because Patagonia is so far south their fall coincides with our Spring.

A compilation of the many glaciers, lakes, and gorgeous mountains we say. We were truly gifted with such great weather considering how unpredictable the weather can be in that area of the world.

A view from the boat that took us to the start of the 5-day hike. Truly we were startled by the beauty and of course, we started to get so excited seeing everything from afar.

This is a final compilation of pics and a few of my hubs and me. We were definitely challenged on this trip in terms of endurance, but I cannot tell you how proud I was when we completed all of these hikes. We saw so many beautiful views that you can only see if you walk a ton of miles, so it made everything that much more special.

Not much art in this post as I said at the beginning, but I've been busy playing catch up, and next month I'll be sure to share some fun things I've been working on.

Until next time,


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