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May 2022 - Art Newsletter


Hello friends and Happy May! As you can see, I skipped the April Newsletter for a few reasons. The first was my hubby and I took a trip for a few weeks and the second being I ran out of time. I thought about squeezing one in at the end of the month, but seeing as I would be back in your inbox a few weeks later I decided to wait.

But thank goodness I waited because I'm now able to share some really exciting updates to my shop with you! I started working on some new things to add to the shop earlier this year - I even polled my followers on Instagram - and holy moly it has taken me way longer than anticipated to get this stuff finalized and ordered. But some of it is finally here and ready to be viewed! I officially have 2 enamel pins based on original paintings AND I have coloring page downloads up in my Etsy shop! These were an immense amount of fun to make and really breathed some new life into old designs. I'll let you head to my shop to check out everything, but for now, here are pics of the enamel pins I can't get enough of!

I'm so obsessed with these enamel pins!

If you'd like to shop them you can find them here:

I'll be adding even more new products to my shop (stickers and clip art downloads), but these are still in the works at the moment.

Until next time,



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